About Our Story

Who we are and why we do what we do

At SimpanKira, you can do work differently than you’ve ever done it before. Yes, we love building great business automation software. It makes us happy. (Or nerds.) But what makes us happiest is knowing our software makes life better for our users ie business owners and accountants. We believe work should be an outlet for greatness. If we can free up your time to do great work, everybody wins.

We value these aspects and we live by these rules

User happiness is our happiness

Ownership mentality.

Do what is right.

Go the extra mile

We love our products
The entrepreneurs and employees in small and mid-size businesses power the South East Asia booming economy. Their tenacity, perseverance and dreams represent the backbone of our workforce.
But these businesses face challenges disproportionate to their size and resources. And technology providers largely focus on the needs of large businesses, creating services out of touch and out of reach for small and mid-size businesses.
At SimpanKira, our mission is to level the playing field for the other 99.7% — the underserved small businesses that fuel our economy. We provide innovative and intuitive business automation, be it cloud accounting, HR or payroll software and services purpose-built for these small and mid-size companies.
If they succeed while using our software and services, then we succeed in our mission.


Farid Nor



Lead Developer


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Back end Developer