Double entry accounting software to make accounting work easy

For accountants

We build our SaaS accounting software with accountants needs in mind. It's meant for you, really.

Easy to learn

Don't get intimidated. Accounting with SimpanKira is easy to learn. You'll pick up in few minutes.

Our essential features

Financial Report

Our reports can be drilled down to the transactions level. It displays transparency to users, particularly to the auditors.

Manual Journal

No issues in adjusting the accounting transactions. Use this tool regularly to make sure the book is accurate.

Chart of Account

Easy to add account and rearrange the accounts so they reflect well in the financial report.

Expense Management

Track your expenses, either by the supplier bills or the cash expenses from the same platform.

Bill Reminder

Do not miss any payment to your suppliers. SimpanKira will send you a reminder on the bill, every time.

Fixed Asset Register

We automatically create fixed asset if you purchase it through our AP module. Then we can track and auto calculate its depreciation for you.

Requisition Form

Want to take step further in expenses management? Use this form to have better control over your company expense.

Purchase Order

Creating purchase order to your supplier is easy with this module. Send the PO right from SimpanKira and track the goods received.

Cash Management

Either your bank account or your petty cash, both can be managed easily in SimpanKira.


Put your suppliers and customers here. Send the Customer Statement from here as well. See what's going on with your contacts; quote, purchase order, invoices and bills.

Upload Document

You can upload documents when you create invoices, bills, purchase order, even for the cash transactions. We take care your online storage.

Multi Users

Have a lot of users to access your books? Sure, no problem. Add as many as you want.

Plenty of features we build for accountants in this cloud accounting software. We understand the needs and the concerns of accountants. Come and experience our accounting software today.

No credit card required

Check out what our users say

malaysia cloud accounting software for small business

"Dulu nak buat invois, kena pakai Excel. Kalut-kalut buat. Sekarang, saya senang nak buat invois guna SimpanKira. Lepas siap, terus hantar ke client dari SimpanKira. Tak sampai 5 minit pun.

Fadzlah R.


malaysia cloud accounting software for small business

“SimpanKira support team provides us with adequate training and answers to questions we have about the software. Now we can see our business financial data real time through any device at any time.

Haizal H.


malaysia cloud accounting software for small business

“Kami uruskan seluruh aspek bisnes kami dengan menggunakan SimpanKira. Tak perlu banyak-banyak login banyak-banyak sistem, cukup dengan SimpanKira. Berbaloi dengan monthly fee yang kami bayar.

Yusni Y.