We do bookkeeping for you

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Do what you best doing and let us help you managing your finance

We understand that some of you may not have the time to manage your own business bookkeeping. Or you may have difficulties in hiring the right accountant for your business. Because of that we step in to support you by offering bookkeeping service.

Scope of Work

  1. Manage the General Ledger
  2. Maintain the Account Payable Ledger with summary
  3. Maintain the Account Receivable Ledger with summary
  4. Prepare the Fixed Asset schedule listing with summary
  5. Prepare Monthly Management Accounts
  6. Prepare Yearly Annual Report (unaudited financial statements)
  7. Set up new account code for newly registered companies
  8. Record journal entry
  9. Recording all transactions, including sales & expenses
  10. Prepare monthly Bank Reconciliation

You can immediately check for your updated Financial Statements immediately within 12 hours after we visited your office.

Financial Analysis

If you need sound advice from accountant, we can help to connect with you with experienced accountants within our SimpanKira Partner Network. They may have their fee and you need to pay this separately from our bookkeeping service fee.

Monthly Fee

Our high value and professional monthly service starts at RM699/month. But if you like one payment for one time service, we could also settle for 1 payment for 1 year worth of financial management report and all others.

Yearly Fee

Our yearly fee starts from RM1,500 for building your annual accounting reports and statements. Normally we will collect the bank statements, invoices and payment vouchers for that year so we can build your accounting report.

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See how work gets done!

We Visit

We set a fixed schedule to visit your office and collect transaction documents

We Record

We start doing the bookkeeping entries

We Report

You can check the financial reports within 12 hours after we visit your office from anywhere in the world