Create New Quote

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Create a quote to let a customer know the cost of work that they want done. You can enter line by line details of the proposed solution as well as your businesses’ terms and conditions.

  1. In the Account menu, go to Customer Invoice page. Then select new Quote.
  2. Choose the name of the customer you’re sending the quote to.
  3. Enter the remaining details for your quote. If you’re going to email the quote, make sure you’ve entered a description for each line item.
  4. In the Terms field, enter your quotes terms and conditions. If you’ve entered terms and conditions in Invoice Settings, they’ll also display.
  5. Click Save to save the quote as a draft, or click Send to approve and email the quote to your customer.

Quote Field
1. Customer – Choose the name of the customer you’re quoting. You can add Customer or Company at Contact page.
2. Date – The date displayed on the quote. The defaul is today’s date but you can edit it.
3. Expiry – (optional) Enter the date you want the quote to expire. You can also set up a default expiry date.
4. Quote number – This number is auto generated. You don’t have to fill this field.
5. Reference – You can add a reference to help you search for the quote.
6. Amounts are – Select the tax setting to apply to the amounts. If the item has SST, select:
Tax Exclusive to add the tax to each item amount.
Tax Inclusive to include the tax in each item amount. Each item shows as tax exclusive when approved. SimpanKira automatically splits out the tax component for reporting.