I move from old accounting software into SimpanKira accounting software

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Learn how to migrate from previous accounting software to our SimpanKira accounting software. In this page you will learn how to enter the opening balance for each account you have in SimpanKira.

  1. Make sure you have the latest trial balance from your previous accounting software.
  2. Make sure you setup the correct Chart of Account based on your existing trial balance. Do remember, some of the pre-existing accounts in SimpanKira are fixed and they cannot be deleted (the ones with lock sign).
  3. Now go to Conversion Balance. It is located at Setting > Conversion Balance. It looks something like this with zero numbers (view the image below). It also has a tab, in this case, it shows the date range in the current financial year till present (the day you open Conversion Balance). You can add more tab if you want to migrate more data from previous accounting software. For example, if you want to add the data from the previous 2 financial year.
    conversion balance
  4. Transfer the value from your latest trial balance into these account fields accordingly. The values which you will enter here will be the opening balance for each account in your Chart of Account. Hence, the total debit and the total credit should match. The adjustment value should equal to zero.
  5. Check the box for Lock Balance if you do not want anyone to tamper with the data prior to the date you enter the Conversion Balance. This will maintain the data integrity.
  6. Click Save button once you finish transferring the value from your latest trial balance to Conversion Balance. Or click Delete if you think you make mistake and what to do it again.
  7. Once you click Save, you can verify your opening balance by going to Report > Account Transaction to see each account’s opening balance.