Start fresh with SimpanKira accounting software

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If you never have an accounting software before and you just about to start a business, you should follow this set of instruction. These 7 steps are designed to prepare you for SimpanKira

  1. Go to Organization Setting. It is located at the top right corner of the page. Update all the information about your organization here. Don’t forget to click Submit once you finish entering the relevant information on this page.
  2. Next, update your Chart of Account. You can find the page by going to Setting > Chart of Account. This page will allow you to add or remove accounts related to your business. If you are not sure what to do here, contact your company accountant.
  3. Start adding the relevant Tax Rate. You can do that by going to Setting > Tax Rates. Tax rates are applicable for both types of transactions; Supply and Purchase. In the current SST regime (applicable to Malaysia business entities), the tax rate for Purchase side is not recorded. However, in SimpanKira, you need to add Tax Rate for Purchase side but enter value zero. View the video tutorial on YouTube if you are not sure how to do it yourself.
  4. Create your first product info by going to Setting > Product. You can also setup unit of measurement here too.
  5. Create all your possible tasks which you will use for your incoming projects by going to Setting > Tasks. You can set the tasks to be billable or non-billable subject to your own requirements.
  6. Start creating Companies and Contacts at Contact page. The way we structure it, each Contact has to have a Company. However, each Contact can be categorized as Supplier, Customer or Both. This will help to filter Contact for creating Customer Invoice or Supplier Invoice.
  7. Lastly you can invite other Users into SimpanKira at Setting > Users. You can assign appropriate profile to each user you invite to this accounting software. Profiles like Admin, Project Manager, Finance Executive or Regular have their own sets of permission to view pages and perform acts on this software.