We can make the difference

Let us do the heavy lifting

for your business back office

We can make the difference

We manage your accounts and

your tax

Why must your sweat over the small stuffs when you can focus your time and energy on the bigger picture - your business?

Farid Nor

founder SimpanKira

We offer Business Processing Outsourcing service to our esteemed clients


We help our clients to manage their businesses' bookkeeping through our software. They get management report from us on monthly basis.

We also advise them on doing proper filing of their accounting.


Managing payroll for a small business could take up so much of your time when you have a business to take care off.

Outsource this task to us so you can focus on big picture.

Trusted & professional advisors for your business

Our services

Business Bookkeeping

Let us help you in managing your business accounting.

Tax Computation

Our tax experts will help you estimate your tax figure efficiently.

Legal & HR Compliance

Having issues with your HR and business. Our legal experts can help clarify issues for you.

We are trusted by more than 1,000 clients