Feeling stress handling the payroll accounting? Don't be.

We have designed our payroll solution to be intuitive and be able to handle SMEs' payroll needs.

Complete with automatic calculation for government statutory deductions like KWSP, PERKESO and LHDN, this process will be smooth to manage with SimpanKira Cloud Payroll solution.

Why choose us?

Payroll shouldn't take hours. So we designed it to be easy. With just a few clicks, you should settle the dust and view your payroll report. With SimpanKira, payroll is easy to use and seriously smart.

Automated Calculation

Mad over the calculation for KWSP, PERKESO or LHDN? No worries because we settle them for you.

Flexible Pay Items

Add as many pay items you want. It's your payroll. We just make it easier for you to add.


Pay employee reimbursement at the same time you run your payroll.

Compliance & Accuracy

We keep our payroll up to date with the changing of laws. We auto calculate all relevant figures so you can sit back and relax. We take care of you.

Online & On the Go

Use SimpanKira Payroll anywhere. It's all synced and stored online. Always.

Awesome Support

Reach out to us via chat or Whatsapp or even a phone call. We will answer your question. No doubt about that.

The tools you need to compliment your payroll

Employee Self-service is here

Employee Record

Make your team update their own profile without much bureaucracy. Easy flow of information makes it easier to manage the team - effectively.

Apply for Leave

Let your team to decide when they want to have off day. Do it straight from SimpanKira and we will manage it accordingly.

Employee Payslip

Send out payslip is so easy. Once you're done with the payroll run, just click 1 button to send the payslip to all your staffs. Easy peasy.

Manage your pay items intuitively

Regular Earning, Discretionary Earning or Other gross earning

You have commission, daily worker, part timer. We don't care. Our payroll can handle them with few clicks at Payroll Item setting. Adjust it for Monthly Tax Deduction (PCB), KWSP and SOCSO calculation. It is easy to customise and fast to deploy. SimpanKira Payroll will handle it swiftly.

Report on Earning Type

You can view the Earning type report at Payroll report page. You can see how your company spends on bonus, overtime or any other type of earning. Make it easy to plan for the compensation scheme for your team, right?

EA assignment

You can fully customise each pay item to any corresponding EA line. All these will be accumulated and recorded in your EA statement for the corresponding year.

Payroll Report

Keep up to date with your payroll data

See how your payroll across the departments, demography and designation. The info is presented in easy to digest format with colorful charts to get your attention.

Plan for the next compensation scheme

You can view the earning report by earning type. This will help you to decide financially what is good for your company finance.

malaysia cloud accounting software for small business

So much more than payroll

Teams are at the heart of every small business. That’s why we built the people platform — one place with everything you need to build an incredible workplace.

Check out what our users say

malaysia cloud accounting software for small business

"Dulu nak buat invois, kena pakai Excel. Kalut-kalut buat. Sekarang, saya senang nak buat invois guna SimpanKira. Lepas siap, terus hantar ke client dari SimpanKira. Tak sampai 5 minit pun.

Fadzlah R.


malaysia cloud accounting software for small business

“SimpanKira support team provides us with adequate training and answers to questions we have about the software. Now we can see our business financial data real time through any device at any time.

Haizal H.


malaysia cloud accounting software for small business

“Kami uruskan seluruh aspek bisnes kami dengan menggunakan SimpanKira. Tak perlu banyak-banyak login banyak-banyak sistem, cukup dengan SimpanKira. Berbaloi dengan monthly fee yang kami bayar.

Yusni Y.