Freedom with Web Point of Sale

SimpanKira POS software is built for your small and mobile business

F&B Kiosk

One man show could never get any easier with SimpanKira Web Point of Sale. Use the smartphone and update the sales instantaneously. Cheap thrill.

Small Retail Kiosk

Tiny crampy kiosks can't accomodate your POS station. But your staff smartphone can. Use our Web Point of Sale from your staff smartphone to capture the sales data. Easy.

Trade Exhibitor

Why spend so much on cash register when you participate in trade exhibition 4 times a year? Use whatever devices in your hand to capture the sales data during the exhibition.

SimpanKira helps you

to manage your business intuitively

Simpankira was built for small businesses, from sole prioprietors to Sendirian Berhad. We help business owners to migrate their back office management to the cloud environments, keeping the employees data in one place, automate the payroll and manage inventory.



Fixed Asset


Web Point of Sale

Online Payment

Process Claim

Cloud Payroll

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Check out what our users say

malaysia cloud accounting software for small business

"Dulu nak buat invois, kena pakai Excel. Kalut-kalut buat. Sekarang, saya senang nak buat invois guna SimpanKira. Lepas siap, terus hantar ke client dari SimpanKira. Tak sampai 5 minit pun.

Fadzlah R.


malaysia cloud accounting software for small business

“SimpanKira support team provides us with adequate training and answers to questions we have about the software. Now we can see our business financial data real time through any device at any time.

Haizal H.


malaysia cloud accounting software for small business

“Kami uruskan seluruh aspek bisnes kami dengan menggunakan SimpanKira. Tak perlu banyak-banyak login banyak-banyak sistem, cukup dengan SimpanKira. Berbaloi dengan monthly fee yang kami bayar.

Yusni Y.