Check our monthly pricing options

Managing cashflow for company is the most crucial element in managing P&L. So we let you pay our subscription either by monthly payment, or by yearly payment. Of course yearly payment will receive a little bit more love from us. Hence a discount of ~17% is given to you, the yearly paid subscriber.




RM 59

100 contacts

Core Accounting Features
Unlimited Users
Unlimited Invoices
Unlimited Bank Recon.
Online Storage 100MB
Email Support 24/7


RM 99

Unlimited contacts

Core Accounting Features
Unlimited Users
Unlimited Invoices
Unlimited Bank Recon
Online Storage 500MB
Email Support 24/7

Add Optional Modules for Your Team


Charge per active user. You can work as many projects in a month as you need. RM 20 for the 1st user per month. RM 5 per additional active user per month.

HR & Payroll

Charge per number of employee in the latest payroll. RM20 for the 1st active employee per month + RM5 per additional active employee per month.

POS & Inventory

RM29 per month for the module + RM5 per additional active user to access the module per month.

There are 1,200 plus reasons to choose us

You see, that many of Malaysian companies and businesses are choosing our cloud business solution for their back office management. Let’s join them today.


Seriously, this is the most hit reason why they use SimpanKira Cloud Accounting.


We realise that much of the companies are doing projects for their clients. And they want to track their profitability.


Why bother to have multiple systems and apps to manage this? Ours are seamlessly integrated with each other.


Another integration would break your business. Our POS is just nicely fit into our cloud business automation.


Can’t get good and sound night because of your data? No worries, we got it covered for you.


We are locals, of course we can support you. Email or whatsapp, whichever you like to engage with us.

Among our many users in Malaysia

Among our many users in Malaysia

Yusni Yusoff

CEO Dreamfoundry Media

“Kami uruskan seluruh aspek bisnes kami dengan menggunakan SimpanKira. Tak perlu banyak-banyak login banyak-banyak sistem, cukup dengan SimpanKira. Berbaloi dengan monthly fee yang kami bayar.”

Haizal Halil

Co-owner 12 Slices Cafe

“SimpanKira support team provides us with adequate training and answers to questions we have about the software. Now we can see our business financial data real time through any device at any time.”

Fadz Rahman

Owner Fadz Food

“Dulu nak buat invois, kena pakai Excel. Kalut-kalut buat. Sekarang, saya senang nak buat invois guna SimpanKira. Lepas siap, terus hantar ke client dari SimpanKira. Tak sampai 5 minit pun.”