Managing multiple projects

with contractors

is super easy with SimpanKira

Assign contractors' tasks

Make you keep track what's going on with your contractor's doing. Task by task.

Record timesheet

Measure the activities done by your contractors or even team members to ensure the project stays within budget and time.

Manage Expense Claims

You can pass the claims like mileage, parking or tolls to your clients through our invoicing. This way, you don't have to spend a dime from your pocket.

Project Budgeting

Track everything in your project to make sure you don't burst the budget.

Project Financial Dashboard

Get a glance on your projects profitability. Start taking action if things don't go well.

eInvoicing with Online Payment

We provide eInvoicing facility for you so you can bill clients fast and get paid faster.

SimpanKira is automation you need

We build the cloud solution for business owners like yourself to manage the business effectively. Try our solution for 30 days FREE. No hassle, no haggle. If you like it, you can subscribe it.

No credit card required.