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cloud accounting software for small business

SimpanKira offers a complete cloud accounting software for Malaysia small business needs.
We include accounting, e-invoicing and billing, payment tracking, project accounting, inventory and HR & Payroll.

SimpanKira x LHDN E-invoicing

SimpanKira Invoicing will complete its integration with LHDN e-invoicing API by end of August 2024.
LHDN e-invoicing API SimpanKira Cloud Accounting


MONDAY, JUNE 3rd at 10AM - TUESDAY, JUNE 4th at 1AM

SimpanKira Cloud Accounting will not be available between 10am on Monday 3 June till 1am on Tuesday 4 June for routine maintenance work. Please avoid from attempting to login between those hours.

We make cloud accounting software for business owner easy to use

Powerful and Useful Accounting Features

for Your Business Management & Operation

We make these functions to help you speed up your management work and let you focus on your business

Double entry Accounting Software

SimpanKira Cloud Accounting is the world's simplest double entry accounting software. Try it today. Easy as ABC.

Generate Professional Invoice in Seconds

Create invoice in less than one minute and send it away straight to your customer from SimpanKira. Or share through Whatsapp with your customer.

Get Paid Faster with Online Banking or Credit Card

We provide integration with BillPlz in our Invoicing. This helps you to get paid faster from customers.

Collect and keep your employees data in one place. Easy to monitor and easy to update them. Easy peasy.

Don't crack your head with Excel. Our payroll can calculate automatically for your team salary fast. Send the payslip after your process the payroll.

Receipt Scanning for Zero Data Entry

Upload your receipts onto SimpanKira and automate the text extraction from them. Don't waste your time doing data entry anymore.

Tracking Inventory for Your Product

Always know your inventory to ensure nothing is missing. Adjust your inventory to make sure your balance sheet accurate.

Track Project with Ease

Keep your project finance updated. Check on its profitability. Check on billable hours. Check on your budget.

Fixed Asset Register and Depreciation

We help you to put your fixed asset record in one place. SimpanKira helps to calculate the depreciation for you.

Upload Your Document to Transaction

Keep your supporting documents on our cloud storage. Auditors can track your document trail easily with this feature.

Manage Your Contact and Statement of Account

You can view all documents related to your contacts; quote, invoices, purchase order. You can send Statement of Account to them as well.

Automatic Reminder to Overdue Invoices

Dont worry about late payment. SimpanKira will make noise for you by reminding the clients to make payment on your invoice.

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About 1,500 registered users from businesses across Malaysia has chosen SimpanKira for their business accounting.

Maybe it's about time for you to go on the same journey with like the rest of 1,500 businesses on SimpanKira.

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malaysia cloud accounting software for small business

"Dulu nak buat invois, kena pakai Excel. Kalut-kalut buat. Sekarang, saya senang nak buat invois guna SimpanKira. Lepas siap, terus hantar ke client dari SimpanKira. Tak sampai 5 minit pun.

Fadzlah R.


malaysia cloud accounting software for small business

“SimpanKira support team provides us with adequate training and answers to questions we have about the software. Now we can see our business financial data real time through any device at any time.

Haizal H.


malaysia cloud accounting software for small business

“Kami uruskan seluruh aspek bisnes kami dengan menggunakan SimpanKira. Tak perlu banyak-banyak login banyak-banyak sistem, cukup dengan SimpanKira. Berbaloi dengan monthly fee yang kami bayar.

Yusni Y.


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